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The baby maker is a very high powered legendary SMG with an added bonus from it's red flavor text. When reloaded, like other Tediore weapons, the guna is thrown at the enemy however the baby maker explodes like a MIRV grenade on contact, throwing out child spawn grenades in a small area. The damage and power of these grenades is calculated by the amount of ammo left in the magazine before reloading. The more ammo in the mag, the stronger the explosions. This is a very useful weapon for clearing large amounts of enemies, however SMG ammo burns out fast while the weapon is in use.

Baby Maker
File:Baby Maker.png
Manufacturer Tediore
Type Submachine Gun
Rarity Legendary
Damage 5955
Accuracy 92.1
Fire Rate 9.3
Reload 1.4
Mag Size 32
Element None
Cost $30,520
Location Madame Von Bartlesby (Tundra Express) / Mad Dog (Lynchwood) / Leviathan Treasure Room