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Badass Psycho
Super Badass Maniac
File:Badass Psycho.png
Family Psycho
Type Badass
Health  multiplier 15
Shield level tvhm: 1
Damage multiplier 5
XP value Badass
Crit areas Head
Weakness Fire.png Fire
Resistance --
Location(s) Southern Shelf
Three Horns
Frostburn Canyon
The Dust
Bloodshot Stronghold
Bloodshot Ramparts
Tundra Express
The Fridge
Thousand Cuts
Sawtooth Cauldron
Mission {{{mission}}}

This psycho means serious business, and is deceptively fast… although his gait looks sort of slow, that’s overshadowed by how friggin’ big he is, so Badass Psychos can move around just fine. They approach relentlessly and try to swat you with their enormous pipes. If they can’t get their hands on their targets, they also toss their pipes from far away. Either way, they do tons of damage with successful hits, so shoot them in the legs to trip them up and slow them down as they approach.