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Stanton Dahl always said there were three types of people in this universe: people who need to be killed, the people doing the killing, and the people who pay them. He founded the Dahl Corporation for the second group. Paramilitary organizations all across the six galaxies trust Dahl—and if you value stability, so should you. When you’re on the job, recoil is the last thing you want coming between you and a clean kill. For that reason, Dahl assault rifles, pistols, sniper rifles, and SMGs have better recoil reduction than any other manufacturers’ weapons. Not to mention the fact that Dahl weapons are the only guns on Pandora with multiple firing modes—ironsight any Dahl weapon, and it’ll switch to burst-fire mode. If killing is your business, you buy Dahl. Period.

Assault Rifles

Dahl assault rifles put a little more oomph behind their promise of burst fire while zoomed; get a Dahl AR outfitted with a Vladof spinning barrel, and you’ll be pumping out bursts of nine shots or more at a peal! Dahl ARs also tend to be automatic when hip fired, while their other weapon classes usually aren’t. Dahl even makes grenade-launching weapons in the assault rifle class that incorporate Torgue technology. Remember, it’s still Dahl, so this gives you a grenade launcher that burst fires while zoomed! If you master bouncing grenades at enemies, this can be potent, indeed.

"Carbine" rifles shoot five rounds in a burst instead of the usual three.

"Double-Tap" rifles shoot two pairs of rounds per burst, resulting in very quick four round bursts.

Dahl rifles with spinning barrels fire three bursts of three simultaneous rounds, meaning nine total rounds in a burst.

"Grenadier" rifles fire grenades at the cost of 3 rifle ammo per grenade. These grenades have a relatively small blast radius and short fuse, but do explode on contact with an enemy. Grenades fired by these rifles are not affected by grenade damage bonuses, such as that found on the commando's Grenadier class mod.

Name Damage Accuracy Fire Rate Reload Mag Size Element Rarity Cost
Patrol Scorpio 276 91.6 6.4 2.8 34 -- Rare $11,032
Scout Carbine 121 92.4 5.9 2.8 29 Shock.png Very Rare $8,283
Deep Defender 148 91.8 6.4 3.6 22 -- Rare $4,465


Dahl pistols start out underwhelming, like the first repeaters you’ll find, but stick around, and eventually you’ll find examples that function almost like sniping pistols, ready to place 3+ burst rounds into the melons of evildoers from blocks away. These can be especially potent when they’re armed with Maliwan tech that turns them into elemental sniping pistols… put two or three on-target bursts into a distant target, and they’re almost guaranteed to have the desired elemental effect eating away at them by then.

Name Damage Accuracy Fire Rate Reload Mag Size Element Rarity Cost
Loaded Repeater 73 90.9 12.5 2.1 21 Corrosive.png Uncommon $844
Tactical Anaconda 137 93.5 12.5 1.5 11 -- Uncommon $2,087
Skirmish Magnum 317 88.3 11.5 2.5 12 -- Common $1,983
Neutralizing Dahlminator 528 92.1 6.9 1.6 30 Corrosive.png Very Rare $9,997
Loaded Teapot 150 94.7 9.6 1.6 23 Corrosive.png Rare $6,463
Loaded Hornet 661 80.3 12.5 2.3 24 -- Legendary $12,411


Dahl SMGs give you the option of an automatic hip fire weapon to spray somewhat inaccurately at close to mid range, with the ability to zoom in and burst fire for mid to long-range shots. Like any Dahl weapon, burst fire mode is ideal for applying elemental effects (if your equipped Dahl SMG comes with any), as well as for precision targeting.

Name Damage Accuracy Fire Rate Reload Mag Size Element Rarity Cost
Deft Falcon 115 94.0 7.1 3.0 31 Slag.png Rare $7,890
Flying Fox 130 91.3 8.0 2.3 41 -- Very Rare $2,087
Lascaux 28x2 92.4 7.1 2.3 46 -- Rare $198
React SMG 74 87.0 7.1 2.5 24 -- Rare $1,326
Skirmish Emperor 370 89.1 5.5 1.9 49 -- Legendary $79,635

Sniper Rifles

Dahl’s sniper rifles trade a little bit of per-shot damage and overall discharges per magazine for the ability to burst fire snipe while zoomed. You won’t have the luxury of picking and choosing one-shot-wonders against the heads of distant bandits—some Dahl sniper rifles burst six shots at a time or more, so any illusion of sneakiness is right out the window—but against enemies with static, non-moving weak spots, this can be ideal. Can you draw a bead on the glowing red front sensor of a Constructor Bot? Do you have ample cover above your head to block its missile salvos, and do you have a Dahl corrosive sniper rifle in hand, ready to burst fire waves of Critical Hits right into that jerk’s eye over and over? If yes to all, then a winner is you.

Name Damage Accuracy Fire Rate Reload Mag Size Element Rarity Cost
Smooth Sniper 152 93.9 6.7 3.1 9 -- Common $1,577
Night Scout 568 93.9 9.5 4.0 9 -- Uncommon $7,255
Pacifying Pitchfork 690 97.2 6.7 3.1 18 Slag.png Legendary $95,947
Pacifying Sniper 730 95.6 6.7 3.1 11 Fire.png Rare $11,872
Operational Sloth 626 96.8 6.7 3.5 1 -- Rare $12,367