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The Gunerang is a legendary pistol dropped by Rakkman. Rakkman can be found in The Fridge upon completion of the Cold Shoulder mission given by scooter. Upon defeating Laney White and her 7 midgets you will be able to travel through the door behind her into the rat maze. Follow the rat maze until you reach an elevator, use the elevator and follow the path until you enter "Rakkman's Lair".

Special Features

The Gunerang sports a red flavor text which says "Give it a burl". Like all other Tediore weapons, the Gunerang is tossed when reloaded, however the red flavor text causes the Gunerang to spin around the room like a boomerang, causing damage to enemies, before returning to the player.

The Gunerang and it's owner, Rakkman, are an "easter egg" in Borderlands 2 giving reference to Batman and his Baterang.

Manufacturer Tediore
Type Pistol
Rarity Legendary
Damage 11,813
Accuracy 90.1
Fire Rate 4.8
Reload 1.2
Mag Size 26
Element Slag / None
Cost 116,759
Location Rakkman/Master Gee The Invincible