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Laney White makes an appearance during the mission "Cold Shoulder" given by Scooter. Scooter has a crush on Laney and wishes to win her back with romantic gestures. You are asked to find Laney and bring her back to Scooter. You will need to find flowers and food for Laney which you will then place outside her door in The Fridge. Laney begins to speak before Scooter interrupts her. Upon hearing his voice Laney tells the player how the reason she left, and went to live in The Fridge with the rats, was to get away from Scooter. She will then open the door and herself, along with her 7 midgets, will attack you. Defeat Laney and her minions and then the mission is complete, allowing access into the rat maze which leads the player to find Rakkman.

Special Features

Laney White and her 7 midgets are and easter in Borderlands 2, giving reference to Snow White and her 7 dwarfs.